The Best Graphic Design Software for 2017 (in all price ranges)


So it’s 2017 and becoming a designer is maybe your New Years Resolution. So, if you want to start off right, today we are presenting the best graphic design software for this year.

We’ll be looking at software from three price ranges:

  • Free
  • Medium
  • Expensive

The Free


Okay, I know some of you are rolling your eyes now, but seriously, almost any design work is useless without a good sketch on paper. Turning it into a digital piece of art is the easy part (that rhymed). There are graphic tablets that do a similar job, but everyone is most natural with paper. So, for me at least, paper is the ultimate piece of design hardware.

That is if you have a pen, of course.


 Inkscape is a great vector tool for design, most similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is totally free and offers lots of tools you would see in Illustrator. For many that aren’t included, you can work around and do anything. If you want to learn more you can find an Inkscape Review on the internet.

If you want to enter vector art and logo design, Inkscape is an amazing tool.


The amazingly creative name of this software (GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program), isn’t the only amazing t

hing about it. Just like Inkscape which is like a free illustrator, GIMP is a free Photoshop. It means that it offers raster editing. It doesn’t feature all the tools of the most expensive products. But it does wonders, it could be amazing even if it were paid, but free? Even Better.


Just so you know, this is not The Paint Software we all know. We could call it the Paint on some some strong steroids. It is a great photo manipulation software just like GIMP.

Medium Priced 

CorelDRAW ($100)

A great piece of software that offers a wide range of tools. For many people, it is almost exactly the same as Adobe Illustrator. It can even do some raster work, so if you need a good piece of software that you can use both for personal and commercial work, CorelDRAW is great!

The Expensive

 Adobe Illustrator ($20month, $50 with Photoshop and InDesign)

Adobe Illustrator is the top software in the industry. It’s the software almost every professional uses. The only thing you may not like is the price tag of $240 a year. But, if you think to develop your career, you will eventually have to use it.

Adobe Photoshop ($20month, $50 with Illustrator and InDesign)

No need to explain, cause you definitely know of it. Photoshop, the ultimate tool for raster graphics and photo manipulation. You will definitely use it in your career.

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