11 ways to Stay Strong when out of Motivation


The second half of motivation is the ability to keep going even though you do not feel that same thrill as in the beginning. Maybe circumstances have changed, and your old goal is no longer a priority. You may have skipped a day or two, and return to the path seems too difficult. You might have screwed up somewhere, and now you’re discouraged.
If you manage to wake up and continue, you will come to your goal. But if you give up, you won’t. It’s your choice – reach the target or give up. Down below there are tips that will help you not to give up and finish what you started.

1. Refrain
When I start a new training program or move to any purpose or in general, I’m ready to go full steam ahead. I am full of excitement, and my enthusiasm knows no bounds, nor a sense of self-limitation. I think I can do anything. Not a while passes before I realize that I’m not made of steel, and my enthusiasm begins to wane. When you have so much energy at the beginning of the program, and you want to give your best – refrain. Do not allow yourself to do whatever you want. 50-75% of what you think you will be able to achieve is more than enough. Start slowly and then increase over time. You ran 5km, the feeling was great, but now you cool off and have no idea whether you are going back tomorrow to endure so much effort? Tomorrow run a 2.5km (which you will do it without problems if you ran 5km today), and you will be happy and motivated to run a day after 2.6km.

2. Just start
There are days when you do not run, do not or do anything useful. So, instead of thinking about how hard it is, and how long it will take, just do it. The rule of just putting on sneakers and going out does wonders! Do that, and everything else will come naturally. When you sit at home and think about the effort, everything seems difficult. But the start, and you will see that it is not as complicated as you thought (this advice works wonders with motivation, be sure to try!).

3. Be Responsible
If you have committed publicly, either through a blog, your friends or family, be accountable to the people. Determine that you will report to them daily and stick to it.

4. Mash negative thoughts and replace them with positive
This is one of the most important motivational skills, and I suggest that you practice every day. It is important to begin tracking the flow of your thoughts and detecting negative conversations. Just be sure to detect any negative thoughts that you go through your head. Then, after a few days, go to the next step – mashing. This is too hard, pah; I can do it!. If that wuss can do it, I can! It sounds corny, but it works. Really.
5. Think about the benefits
Thinking about how much something difficult problem is most people. Getting up early sounds so hard! Just thinking about it makes them tired and sleepy. But instead of thinking about how hard it is, think about the benefits. Instead of thinking about whether you have enough strength to get up early tomorrow, think about how you will finish early and have more free time.

6. Again excited!
Think about the reasons that sucked the excitement out of you, and then consider why you were excited in the first place. Could you repeat that? What led you to go to the goal? Why were you passionate about it? Try to build up again, redirect and recharge the batteries.

7. Read about it
When I lose motivation, I just read a book or an article from a blog that specializes in reaching my goal. It inspires me and raises me from the ashes. For some reason, reading helps motivate and focus. So read about your goal every day, if possible, especially when you are not motivated.

8. Find like-minded friends
Staying motivated when you are alone is hard. But if you find someone with the same goals as you (running, finances, diet) it will be incomparably easier. Become a member of an athletic team, if you have enough money learn a language on a course and not alone.

9. Read motivational stories
The inspiration to me comes from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently working on achieving it. I read other blogs, books, newspapers, forums. I’m looking for stories of success in this business. I Love, Loove, LOVE reading success stories.

10. Build on your successes
Each small step on your journey is a success. Celebrate the fact that you even started. Celebrate each small step. And then caught with that feeling go with the next small step. With each step, you will feel more successful. Make each step small, really small. After a few months, these steps will make a great progress and a lot of success!

11. Simply ignore the bad moments
Motivation is not a constant thing that will always be there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tides. But whenever you go, keep in mind that it is not permanent. Motivation will come back. In the meantime, read about your goal, ask for help and work on other advice.

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