Amazing Art done in Excel – by a 77yr old Man


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Meet Tatsuoa Horiuchi, 77 year old Japanese man, who created this amazingly detailed paintings in a software you least expected to – MS Excel. This artist was interested in graphics design for a while, but only after retiring 17 years ago, he found enough time to do what he always wanted.

Horiuchi never even used excel, but he decided to use it this time for two reasons: It’s cheaper than Photoshop, and at the same time simpler to use than paint. His work was already presented on lots of exhibits, and he won on some major competitions.

Perhaps the most interesting, all the files are available for download:excel-art-tatsuo-horiuchi-4 excel-art-tatsuo-horiuchi-5 excel-art-tatsuo-horiuchi-3 excel-art-tatsuo-horiuchi-2 excel

Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle (2006) Kegon Falls (2007).